How to Create a Viral Video Content

With the integration of digitalization into our modern lifestyle, brands’ marketing efforts are geared toward powerful strategies including creating a viral video content that centered around massive exposure while hooking the audience in the process. A single viral video content can easily push a brand’s reputation thus increasing awareness, sales, and achieving target goals.

What is a Viral Video?

The key component to making a video go viral is its ability to rapidly spread across social sharing platforms creating an online buzz. This typically happens in a short period gaining epic numbers of views. Some elements should be considered in making a viral video such as:

Unique Appeal: Utilizing fresh perspective and creative story-telling strategies in a video will certainly stand out among tons of videos online.

Tapping Emotions: Most viral video content arouses a strong emotional appeal depicting happiness, nostalgia, drama and even evoking a sense of urgency. Expressing emotions through video content can definitely foster a connection to the audience.

Relatability: Resonating with the target audience is a huge advantage for any brand since this will be crucial to making a positive impression while having a high probability of video sharing.

Provides Value: When viewers find value in video content, they perceive this as credible and useful in their daily lives. If viewers gain something out of a video ad whether it entertains them, educates, or inspires them- brands will usually gain through viral video content.

Shareability: If a video content is easily sharable, this will encourage the audience to spread the brand’s message across their networks.

What are the Components of a Viral Video?

From the inception to actual production, a viral video is a perfect blend of creativity, a good understanding of consumer behavior, and a well-planned strategy. Here are the key components in making a video go viral:

Make It Short and Snappy

Things are changing quickly in the social media spectrum from the max 3-minute reel to a shorter IG 90-second allowable real upload could only mean one thing- viewers’ short attention span. YouTube has also followed suit encouraging content creators to post ‘Shorts’ videos. The idea is to quickly grab the viewers’ attention and keep them glued to watching the video gaining more viewership by the second. The first few seconds of the viral video content are crucial in building interest and maintaining audience focus. Thus, avoiding unnecessary fillers while delivering value should always be regarded.  

Content that will Make People Continue Watching an Entire Video

If people see value in a video content they will tend to stick around and watch it until the end. But what makes viewers continue to watch an entire video? For one, they see value through engaging, interesting, meaningful, relevant, and entertaining content.

Creating a Clever and Compelling Storyline

It boils down to the creative prowess of a smart marketing team; a well-crafted storyline is the cornerstone of making a video viral. Developing a clear yet concise brand message can leverage a compelling story that can easily resonate with the audience. A narrative that incorporates valuable story-telling techniques is more relatable, valuable, and sharable.

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