Junior Kuppana


Junior Kuppana KL is owned by Mr Denes Kumar, a famed host, producer and actor of the Malaysian Indian Entertainment scene. Junior Kuppana was founded in 1960 by Thiru Kuppusamy & Thirumati Rukmini Amma.  This brand has travelled lands and made people devour on its taste and uniqueness over the last 60 years.

GOAL: Foot traffic to his restaurant located in Lebah Ampang, KL. 

MAIN CHALLENGE:  New restaurant opening. Foot traffic.

SOLUTION:  Influencer promotion for the brand. We created 1 Tiktok and promoted the restaurant opening showcasing the menu.

WHAT WE’VE ACHIEVED:  The Tiktok went viral,  gained 121.2k views, and increased engagement with more than a hundred comments and saves.  Restaurant sales went up  from the day of the opening.